Las Vegas February 2018

For my 28th birthday, my parents and my wife treated me to a fantastic, though brief vacation in Las Vegas, NV. We stayed at a few resorts but the main attraction was spending time together and experiencing the shows and hikes that the area had to offer.

We saw the show Mystere by Cirque du Soleil, walked through the plethora of casinos, hiked the Red Rock, and explored the Hoover Dam. We enjoyed some exquisite Ethiopian food and Indian food as well.


Arizona Novemver 2017

I was able to take a week off from residency in November to vacation with my wife in AZ. I had been there before, but wanted to see more this time around. The southwestern US is phenomenal, with many hidden gems and trails scattered throughout.

  • The hikes we did:
    • Cathedral Rock – Sedona
    • Coal Mine Canyon
    • Grand Canyon (South Rim) – Grandview trail to Horseshoe Mesa and back
    • Devil’s Bridge – Sedona
    • Soldier Pass Trail – Sedona
    • Hole In The Wall – Phoenix (Papago Park)
  • It was a truly amazing series of natural spectacles. We were blessed to have great hosts – Sunny and Megha and also to spend some time with Amanda’s parents


Colorado April 2017

With my clinical curriculum requirements done, I was able to snag my fiancée away for a birthday weekend to Colorado to hike through Rocky Mountain National Park. We had 3 days of great hiking and bouldering.

Friday hike

Day of of hiking – 11.1 miles with plenty of bouldering and hiking to get to Bear lake and back to the starting trailhead (Tuxedo area). We were pretty spent.

We hiked through a good variety of terrain on day 1, including streams and boulders and culminating in passing the snow line and trekking through 4-foot snow. Fortunately, the bulk of it had been compacted by previous hikers, so it wasn’t dangerous to get through. I think we started out that day around 8-9a and ended around 5p.

After the first day, we needed a recovery and we got a lazy start on day 2 around 10-11a or so. After some debate, we found an awesome waterfall trail that we scampered up, slowly bouldering and climbing during the day. The trail was the initial portion of the Lawn Lake trail, and we essentially stayed on the river portion of it – the Roaring River. Ultimately we climbed up the elevation and made our way up to the trail to follow it down to its trailhead. During the day we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some bighorn sheep! We concluded around 6p.

On day 3 we had a late evening flight and the whole day to hike. Amanda and I hiked on a wonderful trail that led us to Gem Lake and ultimately to Standing Rock.

AAD Standing Rock

Both of us climbed up that bad boy

On this last hike we tried out our bluetooth portable speakers and made good time to the Moana soundtrack. I also figured out that the Alltrails app is great for tracking your hikes and giving you an idea on your distance and path. It allowed me to easily find our way and get this data:

Day 3 Data

Alltrails – very solid to track a hike and prevent getting lost. Had my phone on a portable charger, though.

One especially memorable experience occurred on our descent while we were resting at Gem Lake. We sat basking in the sun and eating jelly beans. Another couple had been similarly sitting a little farther on the same rock. After some time, they stood up to leave and as they left, one of them bent to tie her shoe. As she stood up, she hit her head on a jutting rock, causing a 2-inch laceration. She then fell backwards and tripped on a root.

As observers, we were 20+ feet away, and we both got up and helped. As we were in the middle of the wilderness, there wasn’t much to do other than to clean her wound and dress it. We stressed to them the importance of getting sutures, and slowly followed them down and saw them off. It was a telling moment because, outside of a healthcare setting, I felt like a competent provider. I knew their day had been ruined, but I think the pair of us budding young docs gave them some mental relief and first aid.

Cancun – Imperial Maya Valentin

The latter portion of December 2016 was reserved for a family vacation with my future wife, her parents, and her siblings. After a mild travel ordeal, we flew from Omaha, NE to Cancun, Mexico to enjoy seven days in paradise – the best pre-honeymoon we could ever have. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort – Imperial Maya Valentin – and had a truly memorable week.

playa del carmen engagement session sarah dawson photography-31.jpg

We took photos with our wedding photographer, played many beach and pool sports, worked out, and ate extraordinarily delicious food. Many drinks and stories were had, and on one of our days we went ziplining, ATV driving, underwater cave snorkeling, and cannonballing.

Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving was a true merging of families. It was at the comfortable abode of the Krantz Krewe in Cortlandt Manor, NY. As Amanda and I are getting married next year, I was grateful to see my parents and her parents at the same table during this time of year.


We all shared much love, and the memories we took away will be cherished.


NYC: a memorable weekend

I’ve started my clinical rotations, and this weekend I was able to take a break and travel to NYC. I saw Amanda and her parents as well as my cousin, Manish, who is a Heme/Onc fellow at Albert Einstein. I also caught up with my med school buddy Neil.

Manish, AMK, and AAD enjoying the perfect weather that weekend

Manish, AMK, and AAD enjoying the perfect weather that weekend



Toured the entireity of Manhattan. One of the best weekends I’ve had, ever.

With Amanda's parents at the Modern, MOMA's restaurant

With Amanda’s parents at the Modern, MOMA’s restaurant

I places I went during the weekend:

  • Chinatown
  • SoHo
  • The Museum of Modern Art’s Sculpture Garden
  • The Modern, MOMA’s restaurant (with AMK’s parents)
  • Maison Kayser (with Neil and Manish)
  • The full loop of Central Park, on bicycles, as well as a few hidden gems of the park
  • The 9/11 memorial and new tower
  • Saffron, an neat little Indian restaurant
  • Washington Heights – La Marina (lol)
  • The Highline
  • The Artichoke (with Amanda’s friend Allie)
  • The Frying Pan, a cool place on the Hudson