Summer 2014 SGA Dinner

Left to right: Leak, Malika,  James, me, Vinu, Ankita, Linda

Left to right: Leah, Malika, James, me, Vinu, Ankita, Linda


Protein fluffies

Made a real protein fluff for the first time today – normally I consume a protein ‘goop’ (or parfait, as my GF likes to term it to dulcify it) which is just plain Chobani and whey mixed with other stuff. Last night, I found out we actually have a mixer, meaning I now have the capacity to whip up the dairy confection into a fluff per the recipe of several blogs.

Macros and breakdown:

2 servings Chobani 46 280
2 servings cottage cheese 26 180
1 serving whey powder 23 120
1 cup frozen blueberries 0 100
Stevia 0 0
Totals 95g protein 680 kcal.

So, it’s a bit heavy on the calories but also a decent-sized meal.

The process was: [1] Hand blend everything (2 min) and [2] Whip it with the mixer (10 min). Not hard.

It’s like eating a copious amount of ice cream, really. Tasted like blueberry cheesecake.