AMK 2017 Birthday

After wrapping up my last two months of medical school ever (ending with a sub-internship in internal medicine and a month of vascular surgery) in Cincinnati, OH, I trekked through the glorious Midwest towards Nebraska, to my home for the next five years stemming from my radiology residency training.

My expedient trip was motivated to be reunited with my future wife and to celebrate – her birthday, my match results, heck, even my birthday. It has been a rare delight to spend time with her during our hectic schedules, and, with my lull in training, I was afforded the pleasure of planning another delight for her.

First, I coordinated with her friends to set up an incognito get together at a new restaurant that we had yet to try – Stirnella Bar & Kitchen. While they coordinated the dinner, I assembled a scavenger hunt consisting of rhyming clues that I scattered around the city at locations significant to us. Each clue designated a subsequent destination, and at that location she would find another clue. Because she was turning 27, I wrote out 7 clues and placed them in envelopes. I then delivered them to said locations, with instructions given to the hosts or greeters at each memory.

After the game was set – everyone knew to meet us at dinner, the clues distributed, her lectures concluded – the fun began. Amanda drove home to an empty house, with the starting envelope in place on her table. She quickly put together what I had made, and she began deftly solving the clues and walking down memory lane – where we had our engagement dinner, where we had a photo shoot, our first beer together in Omaha, etc. Judicious use of the location tracking app Find Friends was involved.

One place – the Joslyn Art Museum – had no attendant (or people out, for that matter) on account of the hours and the weather. I had placed this as the second the last clue – clue #6, and I met her there to give her the clue (as the clue detailed) take her to the surprise dinner.


The sixth clue at the spiral head.

We headed to the restaurant and she was overjoyed to meet the group of her friends who had gathered for her day.


Stirnella Bar & Kitchen; a new memory

Finally, we headed home and had a slice of cake we had made per this fun video.


Funfetti cake!


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