Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving was a true merging of families. It was at the comfortable abode of the Krantz Krewe in Cortlandt Manor, NY. As Amanda and I are getting married next year, I was grateful to see my parents and her parents at the same table during this time of year.


We all shared much love, and the memories we took away will be cherished.



Pediatrics: An end to my cores

I completed my pediatrics core in Brooklyn, NY. Honestly, it was not the best spot for a core rotation, though there were faculty who were good teachers. My clerkship was at a low-volume hospital, and this, coupled with the fact that I was done with my CK exam, tripled with the fact that I was interviewing for residency spots, did little to spark my interest in the field/rotation.

My school has their students complete Med-U cases and enter patient logs and mock CS notes weekly during core rotations, and it was a little tedious to have to do that post facto. I am happy to not need to do any more of those again in my life.