Emergency Medicine: In the heat of the moment

In August of 2016, I rotated through the emergency department at what I consider my home institution. I think a combination of factors played into my overall takeaway from the month – I enjoyed the whole clerkship immensely. I was fresh off of my Step 2 CS and CK exams, and therefore clinical workup and management was fresh in my mind. There was a large amount of autonomy given to students and residents by the physicians and staff, and, having rotated through a fair number of other services, my time in the ED felt like it was the last missing piece in the patient hospitalization process.

Easily the best part of the rotation was being able to see the patient firsthand and make clinical judgements and assessments without other physician input. The wide gamut of pathology and diverse population allowed for a very broad experience. There was also plenty of suturing to be done, and I was able to sew up three facial lacs, a hand, and two knees.

Overall, I found my EM month an imperative part of my education, and though I will not pursue emergency medicine professionally, I can better appreciate the lifestyle and pressures of such a career.


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