The Proposal

After much waiting and anticipation, I asked probably the most important question in my life (thus far) to the woman I love a few weeks ago. The answer was a resounding yes. After much thought and deliberation as how to actually propose, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to (1) surprise her, (2) make it a special moment between the two of us, and (3) make it emphatic.

I think I accomplished all three of these things in my approach. I did it on a Friday, with Amanda expecting me around 8pm. I drove up 3 hours early, set up champagne at the post-proposal restaurant, and set up 2 bunches of 36-inch sparklers on either side of the stairway leading up to her house. After confirming her location with a trusted third party none other than her roommate, Aleah, I wait for the sun to set. The staircase shimmering, I ran up the stairs, ran back down, and watched as she stepped through with elation as she realized what was taking place.

Just the two of us in that brisk February air, the low blaze of the fireworks, I knelt down and asked her.


Future wife

What followed was a great weekend. We spent some time with her friends and enjoyed a romantic dinner at Lot 2 later that evening. The following day, we knocked out some work in the morning, went to the gym, and got Chipotle and relaxed. On Valentine’s we checked out the Joslyn art museum.

ring pic

Dinner and Ring

All in all, as weekends come, pretty much a perfect one.


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