AAD in Ann Arbor: A Critical Juncture

I visited my close friend Arman last month in Ann Arbor and got a good sense of the city. It’s got a very ‘college-town’ atmosphere, and pretty much everything is within walking distance. The architecture of the buildings on campus is awe-inspiring, and the law library is particularly robust.

While the cold was biting, Arman and I still got out and about. I wanted to try the local fare and get an idea of how law school felt. I attended one of his classes – Corruption – and its dynamic was markedly different from my ‘comfort zone’ of medical school lectures. The students talked, and discussed hard money, soft money, and campaign financing.

We also attended a joint History-Law seminar about a landmark constitutional case – Gibbons v. Odgen (the steamboat case, as the lecturer summarized), and it went mostly above my head. Pretty dry stuff, but hey.

UMich Crew dock

While I said the weather was cold, we weren’t deterred; we strolled around Bandemer Park.

Other than that, good drinks, good food, and a good chest workout were experienced. The best part of the trip, of course, were the discussions Arman and I had. It’s always always great talking with him at length.

Eateries and pubs sampled:

  • Hopcat – Happy house was amazing. Many, many premium beers and ales
  • La Marsa – Great Persian food. The pita was fresh, and constant
  • Red Hawk – Cool place to sit, have a cocktail, and talk about life
  • Good Time Charley’s – Burger joint, at Arman’s suggestion
  • NYPD Pizza – I’m not a pizza connoisseur, but this place was pretty much like what I had in NY with AMK
  • Ashley’s – Pesto fries and a remarkable drink selection (with an annoyingly complex menu)
  • Zingerman’s – Easily the best deli I’ve been to in my life, very cool atmosphere. Pick up apricot rugelach for AMK
  • Slurping Turtle – Asian fusion cuisine, which is something I tried on Arman’s behest. Was not dissapointed.

Castles and classrooms – it felt like I was in a storied part of Europe when we were near buildings like this one – the law library


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