Even if you have already fired a bow several times, continue to pay attention to how you position the arrow and how you flex the string.

Warrior of the Light: A Manual


Winter Break 2014

After returning to the states and studying a week or so, I was ready for a nice, decadent break before returning to the final stretch of my USMLE 1 prep. My mom came back from her trip to India, and shortly thereafter Amanda visited me and my family.

We had a grand time; good meals, working out, rock climbing, a New Orleans NYE reunion (of sorts), visiting my cousin Amar and his family, and watching a few movies.

Rooftop countdown on NYE in the Big Easy

Rooftop countdown on NYE in the Big Easy


  • Showing Amanda my new gym and working out together (and doing my favorite workout routine, no less)
  • Seeing the 360 degree fireworks display visible from the rooftop of the apartment we were on top of at midnight
  • Satisfying my craving for Felipe’s finally after untold anticipation
  • Sampling Duvel premium beer with Amar
  • Savoring Cinn-A-Stack pancakes at IHOP with Amanda, Amar, Lauren, and Reese

Amanda, me, and Amar at the Chimes in Covington, LA