Fall break, on to winter.

My last reprieve before leaving the island was necessarily restful. It was a relief to be away from Saba and see my family and friends. Every time I go home, it’s a tossup as to which friends will be in town. This time Arman was there, and we talked about his internship in NYC while we worked out and got frozen yogurt. Gabe has started his law program, which marks the beginning of a great chapter in his life.

My mom’s big project came to fruition while I was home; she had a commission for a mural for a local college. As always, her work is very vivid and engaging. Over the break I helped my dad and my cousin Sanjay install it.

Installation complete!

Installation complete!

I spent some quality time with Amar, Lauren, and my niece Reese. We played with Rocco, enjoyed some gourmet meals, and killed it at putt putt golf at the new course in Central Park in New Orleans.

Reeses pieces and putt putt

Reeses pieces and putt putt

After a few days in BR, I was off to see Amanda. She’s started her medical training program, and while I was there, I attended a few days of lecture to see how the other half (i.e., US students) live. I didn’t find any large difference between the presentation and day structure; I suspect my curriculum was comparable, although discipline-based. Omaha itself was a somewhat quiet city. Unlike New York, it is not a sprawling metropolis; I’d describe it as similar to Baton Rouge – not too dense and appropriately populated. The big events we had time for (between studying) were going to the renown Henry-Doorly Zoo, running in the Make-A-Wish 5k, eating at a variety of places, and catching two movies (Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2).

Clockwise from top left: Crieghton Med, the zoo, some hipsters, a castle, and the race.

Clockwise from top left: Crieghton Med, the zoo, some hipsters, a castle, and the race.

The specter of semester 5 didn’t really loom over my head as I anticipated it to. I prepared some materials for my review courses and visited family while in BR.


  1. Amanda got a flavor of ice cream called chocolate raspberry ginger. That was entertaining; she tried to feed me bigger spoons in order to get rid of it faster.
  2. Singing along with Reese to “Rude” by Magic! in the car.
  3. Playing with kitchen gizmos with my parents: vegetable spiral slicer and our new Vitamix.

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