AMK in Saba

After the third block of semester 4, Amanda flew to the rock that is Saba. Our time together is precious, and the days we managed to squeeze in during my semester were packed.

There was much cooking and enjoyment of our favorite foods; hummus, goat cheese, gelato, and crusty bread to name a few. One particularly new treat we made was mango frozen yogurt in a blender; if you freeze yogurt into cubes and blend them with mango and a touch of (soy) milk, you’ll get a thick mango smoothie. To this, we added about 3 tablespoons of vodka; upon re-freezing, there was a light, soft texture that wouldn’t have been there without the ethanol.

We ran together (along with Stephan, Luxmie, and my other friends) in WMSA’s polychromatic race through the Bottom; it was Holi in contest form, with obstacles sprinkled throughout. After much huffing and puffing and jumping and crawling, we emerged caked in colored powder, smiles abound.


Post-color run, left to right: Me, Amanda, Vinu, Luxmie, Zelas

Amanda’s visit was timed to coincide with the semester’s Midway dance. Before the dance, we ate at Brigadoon restaurant, as we did about a year before when she came to Saba after my first semester.

Num nums

Brigadoon dinner; left to right: Ankita, Linda, Shauna, Keziah, Vinu, Me, Amanda, Luxmie, Zelas, Malika

The weekend of the visit included some time at the Health Fair hosted by the school, an outing to the market town of Windwardside, and the big hike up Paris Hill, which was only ¾ completed due to injury during the hike.


Somewhere in Windwardside after the Health Fair

The days went by quickly, and it seems like my time on Saba is rapidly approaching an end. I’ll be happy to see the end of this semester and spend time with Amanda in Omaha, where she’ll be starting her MD program soon.


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