The more you know, the greater you realize your ignorance is.

Upon beginning medical school, I knew there was a large body of information I had to learn, but, in all truthfulness, it wasn’t overwhelming. I mean that insofar as I didn’t think I was peering into some abysmal chasm of infinite black. It was more like looking at a swimming pool and understanding that there was a visible bottom. The pool had a volume of water and I needed to just keep my head above the water and get to the other side.

I float, but I have become more aware to the fact that there are vast chasms of knowledge to dive into. Unfortunately, I think most of the things presented in medical school are derelict and stagnant pools that don’t require exploring. There is a morbid sadness I associate with fruitless research and worn-out topics.

There is a modern approach to medical research that is far more exciting than what most of our books present, and it’s where I aspire to be. It’s just quite a ways away.


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