Done with Block 3

I noticed it about day before exams. It’s not that I looked gaunt or hollow, but there was a certain tiredness around my eyes. The maniacal fervor needed to properly study for exams gave me bags under my eyes – something until now I had avoided with plenty of sleep and comparatively little stress.

It’s a not a particularly different feeling – I feel a bit jaded and worn, but I am still me.

Block 3 was a resounding success, though – my marks increased and it was a definite confidence boost; I pulled A’s on all my exams. I don’t think I would have been able to prepare better, and when I reviewed my tests I noticed a few of the mistakes I made were either through over-analysis or though simply clicking the wrong choice. As long as I do well, I’m not overly concerned with these sorts of mistakes.

In the gym today I had a pressing day, and I noticed for the first time one of my lifts went down. I’m not sure why, but I have been given extra motivation to improve in standing press next time.

We had 8 hours of lecture today, and afterwards I played basketball. I’m not particularly adept, but it was more just to hang out with classmates and upper semesters.


Just to note my current training (this is for my own sanity):

I have three days: Push, Pull, and Legs.

  • Push/Press:
    • Starts with standing overhead dumbbell press, bars parallel, from shoulders to over my head with arms fully straight. This lift is done 3-4 times with reps from 5-12. Currently this is at 8 reps with 45 in each hand.
    • Next is flat dumbbell press, bars parallel. Straightforward lift. Currently I can press 50 lbs in each had for 7 reps. This is, as always, my least effective lift.
    • Alternatively, I might do dips. Current best here is 11 dips at BW.
    • Lastly I might play with the triceps pull-down machine. This isn’t really tracked, but it’s performed at full intensity.
  • Pull/Back:
    • Starts with weighted chin ups. Have no equipment, so dumbbell is help in between legs. Current best here is 3 reps with 30 help. I’d like to make a note: at home I have done 35 lbs for 4 reps. I think the bar was easier at home, and I also had a good belt. This is done for 4 to 5 sets, max reps on each.
    • Next is seated rows towards chest. Best is 8 reps of 150 lbs. This is done for 3 sets.
    • Last is dumbbell deadlifts. 100 lbs in each hand. Best is 20 reps. 1 to 2 sets. I will replace this with stiff leg from now on.
  • Legs:
    • Top set is goblet squats. This is sort of getting out of hand, but I’ve made it to 30 reps with a 100 lb dumbbell. I guess the progression for this will be to just keep going to 50. I’ll readjust when I get there. This is done for 3 sets.
    • This is followed by leg press. Lately I’ve been doing single leg. I can do 110 for 4 on my R leg and 110 for 8 on my L leg. This is done twice, followed by maximum double leg press which is maxed at 170 lbs. I have done this for 36 reps with a few short pauses.
    • After this I might play with leg extensions or calves.
  • Here are my previous best barbell lifts for my own reference (not impressive, but better from where I started) at the end of April 2013:
    • Overhead press: 105 for 4 presses, 85 for 8 presses
    • Deadlift: 295 for 4 pulls, 245 for 10 pulls
    • Chinups: BWx11, BW+35×4
    • Back squat: 175×10, 135×25
    • Bench: 135×6

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