Finally on to it

Today I finished packing my bags for the next two years, essentially. I’m finally starting a formal degree program after this toilsome last year – from being a scribe in the ED to shadowing my nephrologist mentor to working alone at Pennington research center to working at Nupotential, all the while taking courses.

I’m heading to Saba University School of Medicine, where my ambitions and hopes will at last be put to a test. My personal convictions are organized and clear. Now, it is a matter of educating myself to the fullest. I was initially going to write “…a matter of educating myself enough to make a difference,” but I slightly disagree. I will educate myself to the fullest of my capacity to make the largest difference I can.

My two immediate pursuits have a variety of motivations behind them.

Many people go into medicine because they have some idea of being a leader in the community. This ‘position’ is accompanied by respect and substantial financial compensation. I cannot say that physicians don’t attain these attributes, but I can say that those things are not my main motivators. Like others before me, I want to confront the calamity of illness and death with the fullest extent of human knowledge. I want to be there for people in that dark hour, and I want to do what I can to better their quality of life.

Similarly, many people strength train for the purposes of vanity. While this is, admittedly, partially my goal, I dislike the notion of having a weak body. My main motivators for training are to flee from weakness,to better my health, and to have to full understanding of my body and to slowly change its upper limits.

To summarize, I consider my life being full if I am: (a) actively broadening my intellectual horizons, (b) using that expanded knowledge base for a precise function, with the end goal of reducing the net suffering of other people, and (c) strengthening my body to give myself the most ideal physiology and physique I can attain. 


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