January 15 in a nutshell

Today was a pretty good day. I was impressed with my happiness levels. I awoke, sat in traffic for an hour due to the rain and terrible weather, and picked up ES cells from PBRC to plate on feeders.

Hopped on over to my first ever Grad-level course, had a good lecture, and went to lab to study. Had an apple and coffee. Studied with interest.

Unfortunately, my back pain has returned. I had been interested in the 200 squat challenge, so as a substitute muscle workout I tried this. Got to 150. It’s really more of a conditioning thing, but finally towards the end slight muscle fatigue occurred.

Drive back home. Had ‘eh’ soup and cottage cheese with berries. Nothing spectacular, but I felt good about things for once because I am in a good environment – a biotech. company – and my classes are engaging.


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