Current status and whatnot; the end of 2012

There is pain in my serratus posterior inferior muscle. I am unsure as to what exactly caused it, but I suspect it was squats. That was some time ago. We’ll see how it heals. To wrap up 2012, I’d like to state a few goals I met and a few failures I suffered. I’ll also update my goal list.

2012 successes:

  • Winning team design best in show
  • Graduating
  • Handstand and Headstand
  • Pull-ups and Chin-ups
  • Enjoying genetics and research

2012 failures:

  • Having a plan for life if things went awry with regards to medical school
  • Having medical school go awry
  • Being a scribe
  • Living at home with little social interaction
  • Dietary adherence


Goal Update:

  • Spironolactone research and paper
  • Register for courses
  • Figure out my next research project
  • Read more
  • Diet better
  • Continue to lift/gymnastics
  • Computational work
  • Innocentive trial

Goals met:

  • Write-up for lab
  • Bleh.



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