Atlanta with the family

For the past few days I toured the city and suburbs of Atlanta with my family. While this is not my ideal good time, it was basically a move by my mother to get everyone to spend time together.


My idea of vacation is exciting and dangerous and adventurous. This was more laid back. We went to the World of Coca-Cola, Stone Mountain, and the Aquarium. The hiking was decent, but there was no reward – no waterfall or spectacular view – just a decent one. We also ended up going to a great farmer’s market (Dekalb – it was the size of a Sam’s Warehouse with the offering of a Whole Foods) and my cousin-in-law’s relatives house.

To keep things fresh, I managed to get us to eat at some good places. We have Vietnamese (Saigon Bistro), some Greek food, some ‘eh’ Indian food, and some downright DELICIOUS desi food (Taste of India).


Back to cottage cheese and whey. Oh also some Tofu from Dekalb.


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