More goals

Several of past goals were met. New ones for now:

  • Write up for Lab
  • Spironolactone/Investigate questions brought up by Dr. Samuel regarding ESRD and potassium channels
  • Read children’s books
  • Continue handstand work (I have made great progress in this – held a handstand with back against the wall for the first time – arm strength is increasing)
  • Register for Biochem.
  • Matlab/Wolfram practice

Goals met:

  • Scored well
  • Perform RT-PCR analysis and ICC staining
  • Lift with friend
  • Send out updates to all schools
  • Passaged cells
  • Finished pediatric proposal (not great but we’ll see)
  • Got a squat rack

As a side note, the long-standing goals have yet to be met.


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